Foley, Ala. –Β  Our 2008 and 2011 Academy teams won their divisions at the Publix Supercup in Foley, Alabama this past weekend. For the 2011’s it was their first ever tournament, so especially pleasing to have done so well. The 2008 team conquered some very good teams defeating the New Orleans Spartans by 4-0 in the final. The 2009 team won one of three contests despite spirited games. Β It was good performances all around from the young ones.
Our 2006 and 2008 PDC teams enjoyed their tournament experience with some good performances if little scoreboard success. The ’06’s did win their final game of the group by 3-1 and went close in the Saturday games. The inexperience of the ’08’s held them back a little but they should improve as more time and games go by.