2023: A Historic Season of Triumph and Team Spirit

The 2023 season for our club was one for the history books, marked by unforgettable matches, breakthrough performances, and the undeniable spirit of teamwork and perseverance. It was a season where each game, from the thunderous confrontations at the Oakes to the strategic battles at the Paradise Coast Sports Complex, not only tested our mettle but also showcased the depth of talent and dedication within our ranks. Key players like Santiago Hoyos, with his goal-scoring prowess, Mason Walsh, known for his decisive assists and goals, and Gabriel Villafane, whose individual brilliance led to crucial victories, became the embodiment of our historic run. Their contributions, alongside the collective effort of the entire team, propelled us through intense matches, securing our place in the conference championships and beyond. This season was a testament to the strength, skill, and spirit of our club, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and the annals of the league's history.



On a rain-soaked evening that saw the game delayed by thunderous weather, the Stars faced off against the Battle Lions in a match reminiscent of their previous encounter. Despite the elements, the match began with high intensity. Santiago Hoyos, fresh off a four-goal spree, opened the scoring for the Stars, capitalizing on an early chance. The game saw its momentum swing as Tallahassee answered back with two goals before halftime, showcasing their resilience and skill.

The second half saw the Stars rally, with Mason Walsh and Gabriel Villafane playing pivotal roles in overturning the deficit to secure a 3-2 victory. Villafane's superb solo effort ultimately sealed the win, highlighting the team's never-say-die attitude and setting the stage for their next challenge in the Gulf Coast Conference Final against Pensacola FC. This thrilling encounter not only tested the teams' mettle but also showcased their quality, making for an unforgettable chapter in their rivalry.



In a decisive match for the conference championship at the Oakes, the Stars and Pensacola FC showcased their determination and skill, vying for a victory to advance to regional competitions. The game, marked by mutual respect and careful strategizing, initially saw no clear chances as both teams sought to establish dominance. The Stars, however, broke the deadlock with Mason Walsh scoring a superb goal in the 34th minute, setting the tone for their performance.

The second half saw the Stars escalate their attack, with Santiago Hoyos playing a central role, scoring twice and displaying impeccable finishing. Harry Gardner added to the tally, securing a goal with expert precision, further extending the Stars' lead. Mason Walsh's calm and composed penalty kick in the 89th minute sealed a resounding 5-0 victory for the Stars. Despite the scoreline, Pensacola FC demonstrated resilience and competitiveness throughout, with Michael Lightbourne leading their spirited efforts. This match not only solidified the Stars' championship win but also highlighted the formidable spirit and skill both teams brought to the field.



In the scenic setting of Paradise Coast Sports Complex in Naples, Florida, the NPSL South Region Semifinals unfolded with Southern States SC taking an early command against Brownsville NPSL, showcasing their dominance with a 2-0 victory. Southern States SC quickly set the tone of the match with Andres Perez scoring in just the fourth minute, establishing a lead that Brownsville struggled to counter due to early injuries and tactical changes.

Despite Brownsville's solid defensive efforts, especially after conceding a second goal to Santiago Hoyos in the 31st minute, their offense couldn't find the breakthrough needed to alter the match's outcome. The relentless pressure from Southern States, coupled with the challenging Florida heat, tested both teams' stamina and strategic adjustments throughout the game.

In the end, Southern States SC maintained their lead, securing their spot in the NPSL South Region Final against Apotheos FC, following a match that tested the resilience and capabilities of both teams. Brownsville's goalkeeper, Grant Adam, notably made a late-game save that highlighted their defensive strengths, despite their inability to score. This semifinal clash not only highlighted the competitive spirit of the teams but also set the stage for an eagerly anticipated final.


Southern States SC Stars Team Picture 2021


Four Stars Players in All-Conference Team



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The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is a member-driven national men’s soccer league committed to the support of its teams on and off the field and growing the sport nationally. The NPSL operates with nearly 100 teams across the country and remains one of the fastest-growing soccer leagues in America.

“Hattiesburg is a fantastic soccer area,” NPSL Managing Director Cindy Spera said. “This is a great opportunity for Southern States SC STARS and for the NPSL.  An organization of this quality will contribute enormously to the stability of the region and bring attention to their partner teams and to the league. We are excited at the potential and look forward to seeing their success.”

Home matches for the STARS will be played at The Oakes Training Center in Oak Grove, Mississippi. It is a state-of-the-art facility for training and games that includes a futsal center and an artificial turf field. Completion of the stadium and locker rooms around the newly sprigged Bermuda grass field will be ready for the club’s opening NPSL home game in May.

STARS head coach is Carl Reynolds, “It’s an honor to accept this role, at this club, we always talk about pathways for players and we continue to self-examine and seek further challenges for them and ourselves as coaches. We have high expectations for everyone and look forward to the challenge of meeting them during our inaugural season.”

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