Our Programs



The Pinnacle of Youth Soccer.


Ages 6-18.



Steppingstone of Youth Soccer.


Ages 8-16.



The Path to the Academy.


Ages 7-8.



The Fundamentals of Soccer.


Ages 3-8.

Southern States Soccer is dedicated to cultivating the potential of every individual player. Our approach is unique, and we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Our commitment to excellence sets high standards for everyone involved in our organization, from players to coaches. Together, we work to create a premier soccer training environment, focusing on the individual developmental needs of each player. Our philosophy emphasizes player development, success, and well-being, fostering a strong sense of unity among players and coaches. This approach not only enhances individual growth but also contributes to the collective success of our teams.

"Partum in Futurum" (Creating the Future) encapsulates our ethos at Southern States Soccer. Our programs, the Academy (1) Stars and Academy (2) Gold, cater to aspiring soccer talents aged 6 to 18. The Academy (1) Stars program adopts a comprehensive strategy, preparing young athletes for collegiate and professional soccer careers by pushing their performance to new heights. The Academy (2) Gold, on the other hand, offers a stimulating and development-focused environment for players to hone their skills and, when ready, transition seamlessly to the Academy (1).

Both programs adhere to our meticulously crafted Curriculum and Player Pathways, developed by Carl Reynolds to revolutionize youth soccer development in the Southern US. These pathways guide our daily training sessions, ensuring a tailored and holistic development plan for players aged 4 through 19. Before stepping onto the field, every training session is carefully planned and personalized for each group, reflecting our commitment to individual progress.

Our coaching staff, diverse in experience and approach, enriches our players' development. By training under various coaches, including senior staff members, players gain from different perspectives, preparing them for a variety of coaching environments in their future soccer careers.

Guided by our proactive Board of Directors, Southern States Soccer continually shapes its vision and direction. Our innovative team formation strategy ensures that teams for tournaments and games are based on individual skill and development, allowing for flexibility and growth opportunities.

Training sessions are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, with specific times allocated for different age groups. Our comprehensive ten-month soccer season (August through May) is priced at $850 for the Academy (1) Stars and $750 for the Academy (2) Gold, with payment plans available.

All training takes place at the expanding Oakes Training Center, our central hub located in Oak Grove, Mississippi, embodying our commitment to nurturing soccer talent in a state-of-the-art facility.

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