Partners & Sponsors

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo, long-time supporters and providers of team meals, steps up as our new uniform sponsor. A cornerstone of the Southern States Soccer Club family, Cinco De Mayo of Hattiesburg brings our community together with unmatched generosity and spirit. Every Saturday, they transform matchdays at The Oakes into vibrant celebrations, blending soccer, culture, and unity. Their support goes beyond the game, fueling our passion and strengthening bonds within our soccer family. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Cinco De Mayo for being a pillar of support and for making every moment on and off the field truly memorable. Here's to continued partnership and shared successes. #ThankYouCincoDeMayoHattiesburg

Petra Cafe

Petra Cafe continues to be an invaluable part of our team's journey!

With their delectable Mediterranean cuisine, Petra Cafe ensures our players are fueled with nutritious lunch meals each week. Their support goes beyond the field, nurturing our team's growth and success both on and off the pitch.

As we kick off this season, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Petra Cafe for their ongoing commitment to our team's development and well-being.

Thank you, Petra Cafe, for being an essential partner in our pursuit of greatness!

Zen Water

We're proud to announce ZenWTR as our new uniform sponsor, leading the way in sustainable hydration with their commitment to using 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic. This partnership reflects our shared dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility. As our players sport the ZenWTR logo, we're not just showcasing a brand, but championing a cause for a healthier planet.

Advanced Pet Care

Southern States Soccer is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Advanced Pet Care, a leader in veterinary services and pet health. As our latest sponsor, Advanced Pet Care joins our family with a shared commitment to community, health, and excellence.

Red Bull

Southern States Soccer is thrilled to welcome Red Bull, via Stokes Distribution, as one of our esteemed sponsors. This partnership energizes our club with the spirit of adventure and excellence that Red Bull embodies. Known for supporting sports and athletes worldwide, Red Bull's involvement with Southern States Soccer signals a shared commitment to fostering talent and elevating performance. As our players take the field, Red Bull's support will fuel their passion and drive, symbolizing our shared pursuit of reaching new heights and achieving extraordinary goals.

Hubcare Pathology

Hubcare Pathology of Hattiesburg has had a strong connection with Southern States Soccer over the years. We are proud to call our artificail turf field Hubcare Field.

The Great White Buffalo Co.

The Great White Buffalo Co. has partnered with Southern States Soccer and the Stars to provide a unique experience for our local community. The GWBCo. supplies lean and tender buffalo steaks, joints, and ground meat, mainly to stores and restaurants on the west coast of the USA. GWBCo. is based in Colorado and will be the featured logo on the Stars game-day shirts.

Magnolia Medical Leasing Co.

A sponsor that has been with us since the start. We are thankful they have joined us again for this season.

Jimmy Johns

Coming back for this year, Eric Fasnacht and Jimmy Johns have decided to feed the boys lunch subs, each week for the duration of the season.

Indian Delight

Indian Delight are coming to us for their first season of partnership. We are excited to be able to feed these boys this delicious Indian cuisine for lunch throughout the season.

Flathau's Fine Foods

A newcomer to this season, Jeff Flathau has decided to collaborate with us. His son, Heath Flathau, was a key member of the success of our 2021 team and a returner for this season.

Birdhouse Cafe

We are extremely excited to be working with Birdhouse Cafe and Katie Dixon. Katie and Birdhouse are our official breakfast sponsor for the Stars and she provides the team with nutritious and delicious items throughout the week.

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

Coming back for their second season partnering with us, Whichwich & Harsh Patel have been a true blessing to our club. We are extremely happy to be with them through it.

Northwest Premium Meats

A sponsor that has been with us since the start. We are thankful they have joined us again for this season.

Hunts Brothers Pizza

This is their first season partnering with us. We are very excited about this.

Southern Mississippi Medical Leasing Co.

A sponsor that has been with us since the start. We are thankful they have joined us again for this season.

Papa Johns

Papa Johns! Our Post-Game Meal Sponsor. We are very thankful for them.