The Oakes, Oak Grove, Miss. –  OUR WEBSITE ADDRESS AND E-MAIL ADDRESSES HAVE CHANGED! PLEASE TAKE NOTE AND UPDATE YOUR FAVORITES BOOKMARKS AND ADDRESS BOOKS. Our domain name is now You can still connect with us on our old but we’re sure you’ll agree the new name is going to save some finger pecking!

Naturally our e-mail addresses have switched to also. Our main contact email is Individuals can be reached using first name The old addresses will remain active for now, until the changeover has been fully completed and in general use.

We will continue to use Southern States Soccer in all our official dealings, publications and communications but intend to abbreviate to 3S in informal communications such as emails, messaging and oral conversations. You are all free to continue using whatever nomenclature you prefer.

Our logo hasn’t changed this one is being used just as a visual reminder for you!!