Our Academy 1&2 boys had a great weekend at the Deepsouth Challenge in Gulfport this weekend.

Our Academy (1) 2011 won the tournament in their bracket. Not only did they win, but they won by playing the way that we teach them at the club. They played with composure and an identity.

Our Academy (1) 2013 had their first ever tournament this weekend. They finished 2nd within their bracket and played some amazing soccer.

Our Academy (1) 2009/10 went 1-2 on the weekend. We were impressed by their play as a lot of the players were 10’s and it was their first ever 11v11 games.

Our Academy (2) 2012 impressed all weekend and went 2-2. This was a delight for us as a club as we could see the growth within this group.

Our Academy (2) 2010 came 2nd within their bracket. This was Papi Diouf’s first ever time as a head coach and he surpassed expectations. Niko Alcivar was instrumental in the success of this group as he scored 12 goals throughout the weekend.

Our Academy (2) 2006 were strong throughout the weekend. We were proud of this group because this was their first time playing together. This group was filled with many 07 and 08’s.

All in all, a great weekend for our club!