Hattiesburg, MS – Southern States Soccer presented it’s club and team awards last Saturday. Following a cook-out of ribs, burgers, brats and dogs, ‘The Academy’ Director of Player Development Carl Reynolds, M.C’d the event. The trophies for Club Player of the Year for both girls and boys were the top awards of the night. Peyton Williamson walked off with the girls trophy and Miller Hayden (02) with the boys. The full list of winners is below. For a pictorial look at the winners go to our Honor Roll link in the menu above. There were also tributes to the individual team managers and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this first year such an outstanding success.








Team Character Awards

2005 Mateo Rouhbakhsh

2004 girls Bailee Bennett

2003 Jason Garcia

2002 Keller Kratz

2001 Blaine Bourgeosis


Most Improved Player Awards

2005 Stratton Farmer

2004 girls Gabby Hernandez

2003 Michael Colburn

2002 Sam Lambert

2001 Blaine Bourgeosis


Players Player of the Year

2005 Kamden Kratz

2004 girls Tina Sulbaran

2003 Noah Roblin

2002 Miller Hayden

2001 Seth Trotter


Coaches Player of the Year

2005 Dylan Dykes

2004 girls Kaelyn Brown

2003 topher LaRussa

2002 Jacob Jowers

2001 Drew Lassere