The Southern States Soccer Girls attended the Coast Soccer Classic last weekend.  The girls lost their first game to Stone Blue Strikers but rallied in the second game to defeat the Neon Lights 6-0 with Victoria Luther scoring a haul.  The third game the girls battled tirelessly and tied with CSC Galaxy.  This created a tie between Southern States Soccer and CSC Galaxy as to who would advance to the finals.  Luck was on the ladies’ side and Coach Jade won the coin toss thereby advancing the Southern State Soccer Girls to the finals.  On Sunday due to the weather conditions the championship game against the Blue Stone Strikers was shortened.  After battling fiercely on the pitch the score ended tied 0-0 with Penalty Kicks deciding the outcome.  Unfortunately, the girls lost 3-5 by PK’s bringing home the silver medal. The girls did a phenomenal job of playing as a team and working together.