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Our MLS NEXT program, previously known as Academy 2, is aligned with Major League Soccer's premier youth development initiative. This program is tailored for players who may not yet be at the elite Academy level or who prefer a less rigorous schedule of travel and games, but still seek a high-quality developmental experience.

At Southern States Soccer, we believe that MLS NEXT offers boys and girls aged U12 to U14 years the chance to pursue their dreams both on and off the field. This program supports the holistic development of each child—enhancing psychological, social, and soccer skills in a nurturing environment.

Following the same player pathways as our top-tier Academy, MLS NEXT is structured to match the individual pace and needs of each player. Building a solid foundation is our priority, and MLS NEXT provides the ideal setting to foster this growth at a personalized pace.

Players in MLS NEXT who demonstrate significant progress and readiness for more challenges may have opportunities to move up to older age groups or to train and even play with our Academy teams.

Our MLS NEXT athletes will have full access to all the state-of-the-art facilities at The Oakes Training Center in Oak Grove. These include our grass and turf fields, an indoor Futsal Facility, and video analysis screens. With these resources, we ensure consistent training throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

MLS NEXT at Southern States Soccer is more than just a program—it's a gateway to the highest levels of youth soccer in North America. By participating, your child will join a community that includes the nation's top young talents, with access to elite training resources, high-level competition, and a direct pathway to college and professional soccer careers.

Join us at Southern States Soccer and be part of MLS NEXT, where potential meets opportunity and the future of soccer is bright. Together, we'll pave the way for your child's success, both on the field and beyond.

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CARL REYNOLDS, “Unique… fantastic for players in so many ways…”

Southern States SC, Director of Player Development, Carl Reynolds, explained the thinking behind the club's addition of an under-19 NPSL team. “This is unique. What an opportunity, just fantastic for players in so many ways. Here is a chance to push themselves into high-level youth competition with a sprinkling of experienced, older players allowed. This will be a made for purpose, a true reserve league along European lines with the step up into the adult, minor league team a real target for these players”.

Southern States SC expects a high-level spring league such as this would attract college coaches and help in the recruiting process. The league will start in March and end before the minor league team kicks-off in May. Coach Reynolds added, “The chance for youth players, college freshmen, and a few older players to come together like this continues to help bridge the gap between youth and adult play”.

WHAT IS THIS LEAGUE ABOUT? Our new Under-19 reserve league team will play in the National Premier Soccer League’s Gulf Coast Conference.  The team will be allowed to include three overage players and directly connects with our new NPSL adult, minor league team.