Player Development Center (PDC)

Our Player Development Center (PDC) will closely follow the process designed for 'The Academy'. The PDC offers a soccer program that is challenging, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate for players who are not yet at the Academy level or prefer a less intense playing schedule of travel and games.

We believe our Player Development Center (PDC) will allow boys and girls aged 9 to 18 years, the opportunity to chase and achieve their goals both on and off the field, developing each child’s psychological and social profile.

Our PDC program follows the same player pathways but at a level that best suits each particular player. We whole-heartedly believe in building the foundation of the player first. Our PDC program allows us to do this at a pace that suits each individual.

Those PDC players who show signs of progression and require an additional challenge may be pushed up into an older age group. In some cases, they may be invited to train or even play with the Academy teams.

Our PDC players will be able to utilize all our state of the art facilities at The Oakes Training Center here in Oak Grove. This includes our grass and turf fields, indoor Futsal Facility, and video analysis screens. Because of these facilities, we do NOT cancel practices for wet fields, guaranteeing consistent training throughout the year.

We offer PDC programs for boys and girls.

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