Atlanta, GA –ย  Christopher LaRussa (left) and ‘Juice’ Rowland were in Atlanta this week training with the MLS Atlanta United DA Academy. The boys made an impression playing against the Atlanta outfit when the Southern States Soccer ‘The Academy’ 2003 team beat United in tournament play by 4-3 recently. ‘Topher’ is an ’03 and ‘Juice’ an ’04 who was playing up. Both players areย based out of our Birmingham, Alabama location. Director of Soccer Operations, Nigel Boulton noted, “We are pleased and proud for these boys. It is always a pleasure to have our players considered for high level opportunities both at home and abroad. It is our purpose to prepare players for higher level competition. We are not about winning games but preparing players and developing strong skills and a competitive mentality. The winning is nice but of secondary importance. Thankfully improving individual players has the effect of also improving our teams, though it may take a little longer. There are no short cuts to the top. You have to keep working at it and these two have certainly done that and deserve their opportunity”.