The Oakes Training Center, Oak Grove, Miss. –

Dear Family Member,


As a part of our club past or present, we hope you and your children have enjoyed your time here.  We want to provide plenty of fun playing and training at the Oakes and all it means for your kid’s athletic, psychological, and social growth. As we continue to expand our registrations and our facility, we hope you are proud to call the Oakes, home.

As you know we will be playing minor league soccer here at the Oakes beginning in May. As members of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) we want our team, the Stars, to become your team. The Stars will give our youth players an up-close opportunity to see, and in some cases, train and play with the minor league players. The Stars players themselves will be given the opportunity to showcase their own talents and potentially help them earn a full-time professional contract in the game they love.

Our motto ‘Partum In Futurum” means creating the future. This has been a part of our vision since day one, not just to build a state-of-the-art facility but to provide a legacy. Our programs have brought a shift in the development process for area youth players. The Stars is just another part of that process.As part of our family, we hope you are also excited by the future. We hope you will ‘Trust the Process’ as we move forward. From Little Kickers to minor league, we are providing a complete player pathway for each individual player, yet not forgetting they are kids first.

But back to the Stars. We hope the whole community around us will support and follow our team. We are bringing exciting, high-level soccer games to the Pine Belt, but particularly to you, our family. Operating a minor league team in a nationwide league is expensive.We ask that you support us by purchasing tickets for games and buying our fanwear. Details on these methods of support will be announced soon.

However, no professional or minor league team can survive without sponsorship. Be it a few hundred dollars donation or marketing and advertising opportunities for small businesses’, as well as larger multi-‘000 dollar partnerships for larger companies, funding is crucial.

We understand not everyone can support the Stars financially, especially in these current times. Yet maybe you can in other ways? Volunteers are a massive part of the game-day operation. Volunteers are needed to park cars, direct fans, sell merchandise, run concessions, assist in media duties, act as liaisons, clean up after the events, host groups and act as general helpers.

If you think you can assist, you can become an integral part of the Stars team off the field as well as a vital member of our Southern States family, please contact the office or any staff member to learn more.

Together, let’s make this inaugural season one to remember!