Winston-Salem, NC – ‘The Academy’ boys teams in the 2001, ’02, and ’03 age groups had a successful first time experience at the Club Soccer Regional Tournament, June 24-26. By the last day of group games all three of our teams were in the running for qualification for the Tuesday finals.Β Both the ’01 and ’03 teams entered the final minutes of their last group games in position to qualify. Both were leading 1-0 in hard fought encounters. However, with just three minutes to go in their game the ’03’s conceded an equalizer to GPS and their progress to Tuesday’s final was over. For the ‘01’s the heartbreak came even later against local team Wake. With under a minute remaining the ’01’s let it slip as Wake scrambled in a scrappy leveler to go through instead of ‘The Academy’ on a goal differential of one. The ’02 team won their last game of the group stages but it wasn’t enough finishing with a 2-2 record overall. It was a wonderful first regional tournament for Southern States Soccer who racked up a 5-2-3 combined record with the ’03’s undefeated. Although disappointed not to have advanced it was still a very strong first time showing for our teams.