Artificial turf at the Oakes is laid and being finished ready for winter practices

Hattiesburg, MS –  The Oakes Training Center can now boast a full size artificial playing surface. The turf has been laid and the final touches are being completed before floodlighting is erected. As Southern States Soccer and ‘The Academy’ grows, the management and ownership group is keeping pace with the need for more facilities. Even as the new artificial turf was being laid, work on grading the site for two more grass fields got under way. The success of Southern States Soccer in just two years is remarkable.

‘The Academy’ led by Director of Player Development Carl Reynolds has established a training hub in Birmingham, Alabama and in Pearl River, Louisiana to supplement the Oakes Training Center. With players from Alabama and Louisiana as well as from other areas of Mississippi, the teams are taking on the hard working ethic and committed culture that is needed to compete regionally and at the highest level.

Team members are introduced to high level coaching from staff and guest coaches from abroad as part of the unique ‘Player Pathway’. A thorough curriculum of comprehensive soccer education through best coaching practices and guided learning means every player progresses at the required speed and with individual attention to their personal needs.